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GoCrypt for Windows offers local file encryption with subsequent data transport, intuitive and easy to use.

Top-Level Security for your files

Maximum security:
For everyone.

GoCrypt uses globally recognized encryption technologies and makes them available to everyone.
AES 256 bit encryption, RSA 2048 bit key pair, Open PGP
Key generation, signing, integrity checking & authentication
Private key locally on the PC or in the Fido Token for more convenience

In addition to encryption, the focus is on user-friendliness:

You select your files
You choose the recipient
You click "GO" and GoCrypt does the rest

With the integration of FIDO tokens, GoCrypt offers an even higher level of security and convenience

The FIDO Alliance includes the largest tech companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Intel, Apple and many more. Our FIDO token supports Fido2, Fido U2F as well as the Open PGP, Smart Card (PIV) and HOPT applets.

Zero Knowledge Prinzip:
Always up to date.

Nobody but the recipient has access to the encrypted files - not even GoCrypt!

GDPR compliant

In accordance with applicable laws in Germany and the EU. Suitable for companies, organizations and private individuals

Maximum security

Choice between different security levels e.g. data classification

Made in Germany

Developed by experts and hosted on German servers

This is how GoCrypt works

1. Send file

User A wants to transfer a file to User B over the Internet or local network

2. Encrypt & transfer

The file is encrypted locally and sent to the GoCrypt server

3. Notification

User B immediately receives a notification about the file being provided

4. Download & Decryption

User B downloads the file. After downloading, it will be automatically decrypted on your computer with GoCrypt.
Du möchtest mehr über GoGrypts Technologie erfahren?
Lies unsere Dokumentation.
Would you like to find out more about GoGrypt technology?  Read our documentation.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of using a FIDO token?

With the FIDO token I can use GoCrypt multiple times (office, notebook, private), depending on where the FIDO token is registered. The private key and my email address are securely stored in the FIDO token. Without a FIDO token, the private key is stored on the PC where the registration took place. Multiple use is not possible. Another advantage is password handling for logging in to GoCrypt. With the FIDO token you have a PIN / PUK reset option. With the GoCrypt application without FIDO token, there is no reset option for the private key. If you lose your PIN, you will have to re-register GoCrypt. This will give you a new private key on your PC. The unretrieved files, if any, will no longer be available for download. However, the data from the history list is retained.

Who is data classification useful for?

Data classifications are applied when data should only be shared within a specific group, department, organization. This data may not be shared outside of this group of people (management, development, finance, etc.).

Is it possible for someone to steal my private key?

For the tokenless version:
The private key is stored on your computer, but it is encrypted with a password. Without the password, the private key is useless.

For the token version:
The private key is in the token and never leaves it. Even if someone gains physical access to your token, it cannot be used unless they know the token password.

Is it possible that the file I sent/downloaded is stolen by a sniffer?

No, that's impossible. The file you send/download never leaves/reaches your computer decrypted. Encryption occurs before sending and decryption after downloading. So there is no point in analyzing the data traffic, the files just come through the network encrypted.

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